Alice Raibon Services, Classes, & Pricing


One-on-One Training $60/session
Senior Training $45/session
Youth Athletic Training $40/session
Teens and Kids Training $25/session
Group Training $30/session per person
In Home Training $70/session
           Free first workout with evaluation.


Join us here at Social Workout Studio for Group Training Classes only $30

Class Schedule

Sun Mon Tues  Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Chest &
Butt &
Shoulders & Abdomens Upper Back
& Biceps
  6:00AM   6:00AM   6:00AM  
9:00AM           9:00AM
10:00AM           10:00AM
  6:00PM 6:00PM 6:00PM 6:00PM    

Monday night at 7pm Yoga with Alice

Tuesday at 7pm Dance Workout class with Alex

Thursday 7pm Core & Flexibility with Lori

- - - - - Only $10 per class - - -- -

Call Lori @ 818-447-6773 or Alex @ 310-774-6373 to make an appointment today!!

High quality structured workouts to push your limits, get your heart pumping, and your muscles moving today!